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Looking for as2 coder with a game engine

2011-03-28 19:38:58 by artlegitimate

Ive been a fan of NG for years and finally have the courage to make games!
Except my coding is really slow and have to refer to tutorials. I have my own platformer on the way, but will take time before i can release it.

I would love to meet somebody that has a game engine that I can completely overhaul the artwork and share the credit.

I dont really care to try and make money with it right now, but something that will generate a bit of traffic and plays.

I will never steal an already existing flash engine. I am totally willing to give credit to the AS2 authors.
All you have to do is email me the game and I will begin to work on it!

You can see more artwork on my blog as well as my bands website.

Looking for as2 coder with a game engine


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2011-03-28 21:42:26

Question: What kind of Platformer? Just a basic run and jump for coins such as Mario or something more complex involving HP and attacks?

artlegitimate responds:

Right now my platformer has HP, VCAM, particle effects, score, physics and funny weird characters. The focus however will be more story based, with some puzzle elements.

But this is me learning how to piece together tutorials and searching for open source code to reference. Leaving small bugs that I need to fix.

I know I can make graphics and animations however I choose not to upload very much right now. Maybe we can work together.