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Found an awesome game engine !

2011-04-13 12:42:29 by artlegitimate

I now have a new game in the works!
In the vien of science fiction, rpg and real time battles!

I wont divulge any info untill the game has realy taken shape.

As for my platformer I found a local coder who is going to help me shape it into a really fun physics game with collectable upgrades and shooting!

All my flash games are in their infancy. Reglarly I am an analog visual artist and musician, but I have a real back bone with the evolution of the video game industry.

In the past I have worked as a data "tagger" for big marketing companies focused on the consumer's feedback on videogames. I am really trying to use this knowledge to make my games really playable, customizable with a familiar yet innovative story line.

I am stepping out of the psychedelic noise boys and girls! You should all step into it for a while, the light is warm. (you will know once you get there)


Found an awesome game engine !

Ive been a fan of NG for years and finally have the courage to make games!
Except my coding is really slow and have to refer to tutorials. I have my own platformer on the way, but will take time before i can release it.

I would love to meet somebody that has a game engine that I can completely overhaul the artwork and share the credit.

I dont really care to try and make money with it right now, but something that will generate a bit of traffic and plays.

I will never steal an already existing flash engine. I am totally willing to give credit to the AS2 authors.
All you have to do is email me the game and I will begin to work on it!

You can see more artwork on my blog as well as my bands website.

Looking for as2 coder with a game engine